TOTO Style THU253S/THU277S/THU500S Flapper - FITS ALL 3 Inch Flush Valve Tanks


$28.45 $29.95



FITS ALL 3" FLUSH VALVE TANKS: This toilet tank flapper works great. But, it is important to remember that this is a generic model that replaces a wide range of Toto models - each with a slightly different shape. It will fit most of the model well and will do the job. EASY TO GET INSTALLED: This toto style toilet flapper replacement is easy to install with handle toilet flush tank lever simply by yourself, no need for plumbers or handy tools. COMPATIBLE WITH TOTO FLAPPER MODELS: Replacement flapper: Designed for use on a selection of TOTO 3 inch flush valve tanks. Replaces the following TOTO flapper part numbers: THU138S, THU175S, THU331S, THU140S, THU299S, THU253S, THU277S, THU347S, THU275S, THU332S, THU369S, and THU499S DURABLE PLASTIC AND STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN: It is plastic and has stainless steel chain and long lasting. This repair toilet flapper replacement comes with stainless steel chain that is resistant, and long lasting