CB Church Supply Candle - Will and Baumer - Hand-Decorated Family Prayer Paraffin Devotional Candle with Decal, 8-Inch, Lady of Grace


$32.21 $33.90



DEVOTIONAL CANDLES: Made from the highest quality paraffin available for a clean soot free burn, keeping walls and surrounding areas free of residue DIMENSIONS: Candle measures approximately 2.5-inches in diameter and 8-inches tall HAND-DECORATED: Elegant pattern in metallic gold wax circles the top and base of candle and frames the depiction of The Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Grace SOFT GLOW OF CANDLELIGHT: Have this candle blessed and light it during times of family prayer, a great help in beginning prayer times as well WILL AND BAUMER: Illuminating spiritual lives since 1855 with a spirit of reverence and beauty; look for additional items for home and sanctuary from Christian Brands