2000 Case - Royal Tan Guest Check Board, 1 Part Loose with 15 Lines


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CONVENIENT SIZE: Each pack has 250 checks. Paper is economical and lightweight. Paper size is 4.21" x 9.02". Each page is loose and not in a book or pad. Each page is two sided. LINED PAGES: Each page has conveniently spaced lines, perfect for easily keeping track of each person's order! Each page has pivot points to help with the correct distribution of drinks and meals. Restaurant staff are able to complete their jobs more professionally. BETTER THAN MEMORY! These checks offer menu prompts, which helps servers relay information to the kitchen with ease. Menu prompts help avoid mistakes and lead to improved customer satisfaction! One side of the page has menu prompts for meals, while the other has space to record drink orders. STYLE: These guest check are loose. They are best used in combination with a hard surface. The pages are tan, with information on both sides. This unique style is perfect for recording both meal and beverage orders. HELPFUL FOR KITCHEN STAFF! These server pads help kitchen staff keep track of orders, the number of guests in each party, and who is responsible for each table.