10000 PCS CUSTOM Wet Napkins Individually Wrapped Hand Wipes WHOLESALE






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The price you will pay is for custom 10000 PCS Individually Wrapped Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes


Freshness Everywhere,

Your Brand Anywhere!

Our individually wrapped wet towels offer a convenient and hygienic solution for cleaning hands on-the-go, suitable for various situations from restaurants to daily commutes. Made from superior-quality, eco-friendly materials, these towels not only assure cleanliness but also promote environmental responsibility. The unique packaging underscores a sense of luxury, enhancing the user experience beyond basic hygiene need. Your customers will appreciate you!

Custom Packaging Option for Your Business

With our products that carry your business-specific brand and logo, you too can strengthen your corporate identity and brand. If you wish, let us prepare designs that prioritize innovation for your business, together with our team of experts in the field.

Our Fragrances

Alcohol free fragrance is about sensing, experiencing; fragrance is memory and the key to consciousness. Smelling possesses the strongest memory among the five senses. The molecules you smell are those flying in the air, whispering to you, attracting your attention.

Our Towels

Our Hot-Cold Wet Towels, made from our silky, durable and eco-friendly non-woven fabrics, have high absorbency. By using 70% viscose in our apertured fabrics and 50% viscose in our spunlace fabrics, we increase the moisture absorption of our fabrics by 80-120%.

Our Packing Material

We use a high-opacity polypropylene (PP) film in our packaging paper, which enhances brightness and vibrancy, thereby maximizing the print quality on the packaging. Our packaging does not deteriorate when exposed to environmental factors such as water, humidity, or heat. This material, which is resistant to heat and light.


Choose from 4 different wet napkin options designed to your preferences!
 Economy 10000 PCS

 Type: Napkin Apertured 60 GSM

Napkin Size: 20x15 cm

Packing Size: 7x14 cm


 Min. Order Quantity: 10000

Price: $0.15 Each

Premium 10000 PCS

Type: Napkin Honeycomb 80 GSM

Napkin Size: 20x22 cm

Packing Size: 7x16 cm 60Micron

Min. Order Quantity: 10000

Price: $0.18 Each


Elite 10000 PCS

Type: Rulo Napkin Apertured

Napkin Size: 30x30 cm

Packing Size: 5.5x16 cm


Min. Order Quantity: 10000

Price: $0.20 Each


Push+Pop 10000 PCS

Type: 100% Cellulose 40gsm Napkin

Napkin Size: 22x18 cm (8''x7'')

Packing Size: 2x0.4 cm


Min. Order Quantity: 10000

Price: $0.19 Each