Playstation Component Cable PS2, Slim, PS3 - Audio Video HD RCA Game Cord AV New





High Definition Component AV Cable Component-video connection from game console to TVs or receivers with compatible inputs Stereo audio inputs - left & right compatible with PS2, PS2 slim & PS3 consoles Offers high quality signal for unbelievable low price Over 5 feet long For use with today's more sophisticated video equipment that allows component input from high-end gear like the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Component AV Cable delivers impeccable, distortion-free picture quality. This cable works with TVs and monitors that have Y, Cb/Pb, Cr/Pr inputs. If your entertainment center is ready, prepare for the leap in detail you'll see with the PlayStation Component AV Cable. Please note, the cable may be slightly different than the one pictured - depending on the most current model available. Product features/functionality are identical.